Time Table Management

Time Table Management

For the school staff, the most tedious and effort consuming task is time table management. Each standard with subdivisions has a unique time table with a specific subject and subject teachers. To save your valuable time, efforts, and experience an error-free time table, eTraverse has designed the most convenient school time table management system to update teachers and students with an instant notification. Our time table management system is bound to assist the school staff in increasing the overall productivity in the institute.

The time table management module of our Institute Management System lets you customize a proxy lecture in the case in the absence of a teacher by alerting the newly assigned substitute teacher through a text message.

  • Our time management software allows us to create fast, hassle-free, and reliable schedules.
  • Our time table management system allows the teachers to view the schedule from school mobile application and parents can view it from the school parent application
  • Our smart utility system alerts the school staff whenever a teacher is assigned dual classes at the same time. Hence, there are fewer chances of errors with our system.

Advantages and Features of eTraverse’s Time Table Management System:

  • Create time slots for the timetable as per your school’s guideline without any error
  • Create different timetables using different guidelines
  • Time table management system has the ability to export time tables in Excel formatting
  • Create prayer, recess, and even attendance slot if needed
  • Edit and alter the time table whenever there’s a need to do so
  • Students get to find and check their time table at the student’s section
  • Allows to take a print of the time table created
  • Avoids the rise of any conflicts with teacher timings
  • Automatic slot/class assignment for teachers while abiding by student’s timetable
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