Case Studies

Unlock the secrets to success with our Case Studies. Dive into the real-world challenges our clients faced and discover how we crafted tailored solutions that drive results. Explore the stories that inspire change and elevate businesses to new heights.
Kotlin Solutions


Askana is an android app that helps the organization manage their data for the in-house team.

The app supports multilingual signatures (English and German), reads JSON files, and users can extract data from the file in specific images/data.

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Apara Global

Apara Global Academy Website

eTraverse created the Apara Global Academy website for client Ayanda More from Johannesburg, South Africa.

She is the CEO of APARA Global and 2021 PMI future 50 leader Honoree, Standard Bank Top Women Gender Company | SA Top 20 Small Business & Entrepreneurship.

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Impact Board


With eTraverse teamwork and thoughtful resource planning, we successfully assisted Data Innovators in their product ImpactBoard and brought their vision into reality.

This is the story of how Data Innovators is revolutionizing project management with tailored solutions and strategic resource integration.

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MoshiBar Website

Moshi Bar and Grill’s progressive web app, a tech-savvy application, propels the restaurant into the digital era, promising customers a unique and enjoyable dining experience.

The app streamlines operations and reflects the commitment to providing a memorable and fun atmosphere for all visitors.

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Contact Safe Case Study

Contact Safe Mobile App

Contact Safe, is an online dating app where people can find meaningful connections and make friends with a real-time verification process with a short 20-second selfie video clip that makes it unique from others and serves all age groups of people.

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Misava Website

Misava website is a digital exhibition showcasing different art mediums through African cosmology and modern art.

The project was for Nkhensani Mkhari who is a multidisciplinary artist and curator from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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VADGroup Construction Website

Vadgroup Construction specializes in making construction and development dreams a reality. Their services include institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential projects, as well as renovations, restorations, and property development.

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