eTraverse Institute Management System is a cloud-native ERP platform designed to meet the end to end management needs. Schools, institutes, colleges, or private education, anyone can leverage the platform to train students and manage activities on the go.

The platform aims at bridging the gap between the students, teachers, management, and parents. Institutes with both single and multiple branches can integrate the platform and use it to make the most out of the same. The entire interface is built, keeping in mind the needs of an online institute.

A total of 15 modules are part of the IMS. Each of these has been hand-picked to enhance and optimize the functionality of the system. The sole purpose behind this is to help institutes go digital and go paperless. We adopt an access-based mechanism prohibiting anyone apart from the registered students to access the system.

An all-in-one ERP for your institute management needs

eTraverse Institute Management System is not just a portal that helps you connect with the students or run an online learning channel but one that takes care of all your activities. Significant care has been taken to design the interface in an intuitive manner, making it easier for all to navigate and use the system.

The system has separate modules for separate institutions. Whether you are running a school or a private educational institute or a university, the eTraverse Institute Management System will take care of all.

  • Schools


eTraverse Institute Management System offers the ease of connecting with all of the members of a school through a single platform. The fact that there are hundreds of people, including students, teachers, management staff, the stakeholders, etc., consolidating information from all is essential. This is where eTraverse will help you boost engagement and operate effectively.

  • Colleges


Where schools are part of a city or a region, colleges have students from across the nation. Establishing communication with all of them could be a challenging task. With the eTraverse Institute Management System, the management department of the college can easily unify all intersections bringing every other member to the same portal.

eTraverse has the provision of creating different channels for the admin, the teachers, and the students. With this, one can easily share information and interact with each other. The beauty of this system is that it is a cloud-hosted platform, which means that anyone from anywhere across the globe can access the system, given the right to access.

Students no longer have to travel places to attend classes, gather assignments, or submit them. The online interface simplifies the above process for both the students and teachers. Where teachers can put up recording over the channel, students can access them as per the convenience.

This cloud-based learning management system is device-independent. Whether a PC or a mobile phone, users will have access to the system, regardless of their device.

  • Coaching Institutions


Coaching institutions have a lot to offer to everyone who’s enrolled for a particular course. They conduct different sessions for different batches on a timely basis. While this consumes a lot of time, digitizing the above process not only improves the education quality but also cuts down the time.

This way, educators can focus on other essential things. The mobile app provided by the eTraverse IMS has tons of features that help meet the student’s expectations. Notifications and reminders keep them updated about the upcoming class or the assignments due.

School Management Software

School management software is a need of the hour i today’s digital world. Considering the rising importance of digital tools and corresponding technologies, every industry needs to have an online presence.

eTraverse Institute Management System is a solution that helps the education sector digitize their offerings while going paperless. Backed by a robust user interface, the tool has all the necessary features needed to run and operate your everyday education management needs.

From attendance management to inquiry management, fee tracking, CRM software integration, and task assignment, the tool gives you the flexibility to customize and create your personalized education management software.

If you are looking to create a feature-rich management system or switch to a modern-day tool,  eTraverse will be of help. Backed by a team of robust professionals, we take care of all needed to run an educational institution over the cloud.

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