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  • Project: Misava

  • Industry: Digital Art

  • Service Offered: Web Development

  • Region: South Africa

About The Client

Fak’ugesi, is an organization dedicated to fostering innovation, creativity, and collaboration in the digital art space. Established in 2014 through a partnership between the Tshimologong Precinct and the Wits School of Arts, Digital Arts Department, Fak’ugesi festival emphasizes the vital link between African cultural traditions and technological innovation for successful creative endeavors.

Their product, Misava, is committed to redefining the digital landscape as a space for radical healing and consciousness exploration.

Business Needs

Fak’ugesi envisioned a project that went beyond conventional digital art exhibitions. They wanted to create a website with an immersive experience that showcased artworks and fostered dialogue and reflection on pressing socio-environmental issues. 

The Client aims to create a platform that amplifies marginalized voices, promotes cultural diversity, and sparks meaningful dialogue around pressing societal issues by bringing together artists, technologists, and cultural practitioners. 

Our Solutions

eTraverse’s web development team has responded to the Client with a comprehensive strategy to create the Misava platform. This strategy intertwined thorough planning, integration of cutting-edge technology, development of creative websites, and a profound comprehension of the client’s goals.

  • Landing Page: We designed a visually captivating website landing page that served as the gateway to the exhibition, setting the tone for the immersive experience.
  • Interactive Cosmogram Interface: Central to the exhibition was a circle with four nodes representing Eye, Death, Soil, and Shell, inspired by Bantu Kongo cosmology. Visitors could interact with these nodes to explore different themes and artworks.
  • Embedded Vimeo Videos: Visual content played a pivotal role in conveying the messages and narratives of the exhibition. We seamlessly integrated Vimeo videos to complement the textual and visual elements.
  • Server Configuration and Setup: To ensure optimal performance and reliability, we configured and set up the server infrastructure to handle the expected traffic and data loads.
  • Misava Logo Functionality: Clicking on the Misava logo in the middle of the interface triggered the download of a PDF document, providing visitors with additional information and resources.
  • Dynamic Disk Animation: The central disk in the interface was designed to spin dynamically, mirroring the promotional video and enhancing the overall visual appeal.
  • Animation Effects: With CSS3 transitions, we have implemented animation effects on hover and click interactions, enhancing the user experience and creating a sense of immersion and interactivity.
  • Live Experience: Through careful attention to detail and the implementation of animation effects, we aimed to create a dynamic and engaging experience with PHP that brought the exhibition to life on the digital platform.
  • Database: My SQL
  • Version Control: Git
  • Technology: WordPress 
  • Theme Builder: WP Bakery
  • Feature: Face to Face Interaction

Value Delivered

eTraverse’s web development team has managed to build the website and has delivered significant value across multiple dimensions:

  • Innovation in Digital Art: By pushing the boundaries of conventional digital art exhibitions, eTraverse helped pioneer a new approach that integrates cultural narratives, technological innovation, and artistic expression. 
  • Amplification of Cultural Narratives: Through careful curation and design, eTraverse ensured that the rich cultural heritage of Bantu Kongo cosmology and Tsonga traditions took center stage in the “Misava” exhibition. By amplifying these narratives on a digital platform, the project contributed to preserving and celebrating diverse cultural perspectives.
  • Engagement and Interaction: Our team has implemented interactive features such as the Cosmogram interface and dynamic animation effects, encouraging visitors to actively engage with the artworks and themes presented in the exhibition. This heightened level of interaction facilitated deeper connections and understanding among audiences.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: By leveraging digital technology, our web development team has made the “Misava” exhibition accessible to a global audience, transcending geographical and physical limitations. Including embedded Vimeo videos and downloadable resources further enhanced accessibility, ensuring that the exhibition’s messages reached a wide and diverse audience.
  • Critical Discourse and Reflection: Through thought-provoking content and immersive experiences, “Misava” facilitated critical discourse and reflection on pressing socio-environmental issues, including extractive relations between humanity and the Earth. The exhibition sparked conversations that extended beyond the digital realm by inviting audiences to explore new metaphors of consciousness and engage with metaphysical and cosmogenic themes.
  • Empowerment and Inspiration: Our innovative approach to the “Misava” project empowered creators and audiences alike, inspiring them to rethink the possibilities of digital art and technology in addressing complex societal challenges. The exhibition fostered a sense of empowerment and agency among participants by providing a platform for marginalized voices and underrepresented narratives.

Conclusion: Empowering Positive Change through Technology

Through strategic planning, combination, and implementation of PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap, eTraverse web development team has successfully created “Misava” a platform where creators across Africa can connect and share their art, cultures, values, and technology. 

eTraverse feels pride in contributing to the project with a unique concept of promoting cultural diversity and the project reflects our web development team’s expertise to bring ideas to life.

Social Impact

eTraverse’s commitment to driving positive social impact through “Misava” can be highlighted in several factors:

  • Cultural Appreciation: eTraverse’s web designers have created an interactive cosmogram interface that allows visitors to explore Bantu Kongo cosmology, fostering a deeper appreciation for cultural heritage.
  • Storytelling Platform: eTraverse’s web development has ensured that Misava can provide artists a platform to share their narratives and perspectives, amplifying diverse voices and facilitating cross-cultural dialogue.
  • Community Collaboration: eTraverse engaged local artists, cultural experts, and community members, fostering collaboration and partnerships that extended beyond the digital realm.
  • Economic Development: eTraverse web development team has enabled Misava to contribute to economic development within the community.
  • Global Exposure: Through multimedia elements like embedded Vimeo videos, we have helped Misava amplify the reach of artists, providing them with global exposure.

Overall, the Misava project epitomizes eTraverse’s mission to harness the power of technology for positive social change. Through its celebration of culture, promotion of cultural appreciation, amplification of diverse voices, and facilitation of community collaboration, Misava leaves a lasting social impact that extends far beyond the digital platform.

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