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Top 7 Reasons Why School Should Use Institute Management System(IMS)

Top 7 Reasons Why Your School Should Use Institute Management System(IMS)

The education sector witnessed never seen changes in the year 2020. The covid-19 pandemic struck significant damage to its operational integrity. The conventional form of the education system has come to a halt across the globe. At etraverse, we worked out solutions in leaps and bounds to reshape the education sector. We chalk out the top reasons to Why School Should Use Institute Management System in their existing infrastructure and how it can create wonders in your day-to-day operations.

Our technical team designed a system to integrate the school management into a user-friendly stand-alone technical platform to ensure education and learning continues. A dashboard technology that visually tracks, analyzes, and displays valuable information to students, teachers, parents, and management. A bridge that organizes and brings the school operations in a single platform.

Communication Dynamics

SMS communications come with many restrictions, and it is laborious and time-taking to send bulk SMS to the entire school. You may need custom software to tackle hassle-free communications. Without establishing proper communication channels, the school cannot operate efficiently. You require robust channels that offer flexibility in reaching out to your fraternity.

IMS does precisely the way you dreamt of communicating. A dedicated platform allows you to set custom group just the way you share in other leading social apps. Yes, depending on the groups, you may choose to restrict users from messaging you. IMS facilitates communication in a better manner.

Student Database

Usually, the school maintains different registers to track the multiple information of the students. Many of these are interdependent. Our database management system holds various modules of the student in one place.

This information is available at your disposal year-wise and class-wise data in a single click. An advanced search feature comes in handy when you need to access data of a particular student urgently.

You need to stretch your working hours during the admission process. IMS does the job for you; all you need to do is define the enrolment modules and the rest automatically placed in the database. There is a tool that allows you to put the students in batches till entries are confirmed. You may give permissions to other users to generate the class-list. The entire process becomes simple and enhanced by IMS.

Attendance Management

School records attendance of the students and staff in a monthly format. A digital platform that allows you to save precious classroom time. Thanks to SIM, class teachers now can devote their time to academics first thing in the morning.

Performance Reports

This tool helps us generate progress reports of students. All you need to do is create an exam and feed the marks. Then class-wise reports are generated. It gives you various insights like the toppers of class-wise, subject-wise, a list of students who need special attention, and many more such statements to analyze the results. You may either choose to print or share the report Cards based on your need.

Academic: Syllabus and Lesson Plans

Customize and design lesson plans on the move and create assignments based on your course objectives. Our school management software allows you to access lesson plans, lets you modify, move to a different day or week with a single click. Academics complexity is simplified with attractive layouts in an organized manner.

Examination and Test Generation

As an exam administrator, you may find our exam module tool in our school management software very helpful. Examination conducted during the year are stored in semester pattern or term based pattern. The exam calendar in the dashboard tracks the time-table for the students to follow. As our modules are interlinked, notifications for exams, tests, results are sent to students and parents to witness seamless communication.

Inventory and Library management

Inventory management comes in handy when you have an in-house distribution of stationery, books, notebook, or student kits for custom activities are managed under one platform. Our software management tool allows incorporating stock purchases quickly with the ‘add to inventory’ button. 

Library management that automatically generates the details of the book when placed on a scanner. Students and teachers can request a book beforehand through a mobile platform. It also displays the availability of a particular book with a powerful embedded search function.

Key Takeaways

Cloud-based student management coupled with a powerful interface that connects students, teachers, and administration. There must be a harmonious balance among all the stakeholders for the schools to function efficiently. Parents would love to see their school efficiently updates its operations to serve them. School equipped with the latest technology is most likely to highly rated among the parents.

Our platform simplifies every operational facet of your school. Our functional interface begins with admission desk functionalities that include parent inquiry form, admission, enrolment, document submission, and payment gateway. After successful entries, each student is assigned a unique number in the database for a life-time to unlock the knowledge fountain.

What are you waiting for? Build a strong foundation with your parents, students and alumni, business vendors, and patrons in paperless, cost-effective technology available in the mobile app to further ease school operations.

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