Revolutionizing digital dating with an innovative mobile app that fosters meaningful connections.

  • Project: Contact Safe

  • Industry: Online Dating

  • Service Offered: Managed IT Services

  • Region: Netherlands (EU)

About The Client

Scribenti is a publishing company led by an author from the Netherlands, dedicated to the art of publishing books. He is also enthusiastic about creating a safe environment in the digital world where people don’t feel alone, build connections, and find their partners.

His product – Contact Safe, is an online dating app where people can find meaningful connections and make friends with a real-time verification process with a short 20-second selfie video clip that makes it unique from others and serves all age groups of people. It is fun, safe, and easy to use.

Business Needs

Our client noticed a need for a platform that stands out from other dating apps, where people can safely connect, make friends, and combat loneliness. The client approached eTraverse to develop an online dating application available for both Android and iOS devices. The main challenge was to create a user-friendly app with a seamless chatting and calling experience, secure onboarding, and scalable architecture. 

In addition to this, our client wanted to add unique features to the user verification process of a 20-second selfie video clip with location-based matches.

Our Solutions

As a result, eTraverse provided the client with a solution that covers all their needs and goals. Our dedicated mobile app development team developed an easy-to-use app for Android and iOS platforms with a wide range of features and an administrative web panel using the following

  • Native App Development: Our development team utilized Java for Android app development and Swift for iOS app development, ensuring a native and optimized experience on both platforms.
  • Real-Time Communication: Our development team implemented XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) for real-time communication features within the app. We also utilized PJSIP for integrating voice and video calling functionalities, enhancing user engagement and experience.
  • Database Management: Android team used MySQL as the database management system to efficiently store and manage user profiles, preferences, and other relevant data. Our iOS team used Core Data to manage the object graph and persistently store data on the device, ensuring smooth offline functionality.
  • User Authentication and Security:  We implement a robust user authentication system to ensure the security and privacy of user data.
  • Profile Verification: We integrated Contact Safe’s real-time verification process with short selfie video clips and selfie pictures to enhance user trust and safety.
  • User Interface and Experience: Leveraging platform-specific UI components and guidelines (Material Design for Android, Human Interface Guidelines for iOS) we created a consistent and appealing user experience.
  • Matching Algorithm: Our expert team developed a sophisticated matching algorithm based on user preferences, interests, and behavior to provide accurate and relevant match suggestions.
  • Geolocation Integration: We also incorporated geolocation services to enable location-based matching, allowing users to find potential partners nearby.
  • Database: My SQL and Core Data
  • Version Control: Git
  • Programming Language: Java and Swift
  • Webserver: Apache 2.4.x
  • Protocols: XMPP, PJSIP

Value Delivered

eTraverse managed to create the application Contact Safe for both Android and iOS, which makes the dating experience fun. This app is a culmination of advanced technologies and thoughtful design, delivering a comprehensive and user-centric experience. 

Some of the key highlights are:

  • By leveraging Java for Android and Swift for iOS, we ensured a seamless native development experience, expanding the app’s reach to a diverse user base. 
  • The integration of XMPP and PJSIP provides real-time communication.
  • The app’s value is further enhanced by robust security measures, including real-time identity verification that is selfie video and selfie photo with face detection framework. 
  • Users can navigate the app effortlessly, thanks to an intuitive interface adhering to platform-specific guidelines. 
  • Our sophisticated matching algorithm delivers accurate and personalized match suggestions, fostering meaningful connections. 
  • Geolocation services and privacy controls contribute to a dynamic and secure matching environment. 
  • Timely push notifications keep users engaged, ensuring an active and enjoyable experience.


With eTraverse teamwork and processes, we developed a successful Contact Safe, an innovative and user-friendly online dating application for both Android and iOS incorporating all the features in the app needed by the client. The app has a user-friendly interface where people of all ages can easily use it. Overall, the app not only helps to meet people but also allows clear choices to make before meeting people.

Contact Safe reflects that having the right vision and collaborating with eTraverse’s expertise in mobile app development can positively bring any business idea to life. Our team has passionately provided valuable solutions to the challenges to leave an impact on the dating landscape.

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