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COVID-19 Outbreak: Here’s How You Can Home-school Your Child as Schools are closed For the Time Being.

A rapidly spreading pandemic, Coronavirus has taken the entire world by storm. Affecting more than 102 nations worldwide, the outbreak of the Coronavirus has enforced all institutions to shut down temporarily. Even though this has been done to ensure the safety of people across the globe, the sudden lockdown has resulted in diverse outcomes.

One of the impending implications of the COVID-19 has been the closure of schools and other educational institutions. Students across the globe are grappling to get their academic careers on track. Not to mention their parents looking for alternatives, seeking support in home-based schooling methods as their last resort.

Closure of Schools Worldwide

From where it stands today, it’s not a surprise that the government is enforcing laws and mandating isolation of all. The death toll is advancing high, with the case-count multiplying exponentially. A situation of international crisis, there hasn’t been a similar situation before, and we pray, history doesn’t repeat itself anytime in the future.

The virus is spreading like fire in the jungle. Even though health experts and CDC is trying hard to get through the cause and devise a vaccine, there hasn’t been a pass to date. Life has quarantined itself with a total disruption on the entire economy. Yet the first one to face the direct impact of the virus were academic platforms as they were doomed to shut down all of their classes, postpone exams and even empty the hostels.

As so, it appears, the current situation is a threat to the educational system, and the prompt closure of all worldwide would have severe repercussions in the future.

The Impact Laid on Schools

It seems pretty soothing as we say the kids have it, unexpected closures, and they can rejoice. The reality, however, has a different opinion.

Even though students can sit back and relax now, they are bound to undergo the impact of this natural destruction soon. Suspending normal and every educational activity bring with itself hordes of challenges for all. It could be delayed entrances, canceled tests, and many more.

While all of these stand mere speculation, what exists today is:

  1. Fatal disruptions to the academic career
  2. Denied access to any form of learning equipment/sources
  3. Changing examination dates/routines/plans
  4. Wasting a tremendous amount of time

Apart from the above, one must not neglect the anxiety, and the pressure kids need to undergo each day. As for the present situation, the future is totally uncertain, and they have no idea when and how they can resume their schooling activities. A significant break in their studies might even force them to lose interest, leading to a slow but disruptive impact.

No matter what we say, there isn’t anything that can be done today, and the only way to deal with such a situation is to opt for homeschooling.

Find Your Home Schooling Partner

When we say about homeschooling, it doesn’t mean sitting back at home and studying all by yourself. Homeschooling is one way of learning where students are assisted and guided to continue with their academic life.

The majority of the schools and colleges have opted for such a method where they have collaborated with online platforms that facilitate homeschooling. Such portals adhere to the standard laws and rules of the board, complying with their syllabus. They offer comprehensive support and act like educational veterans, helping students follow the curriculum and be back on track.

It is, without a doubt, a painstaking process to set in the notion of homeschooling where students have been prone to the traditional form of schooling. Yet seeing the current face of lives across the globe, making a switch seems to be the best fit. Parents and guardians are showing keen interest while supporting such initiatives, and that is one of the probable causes of the success of such portals.

Surprisingly, the makers of such educational arrangements aren’t limited to just the situation but have extensive programs designed to aid students in grasping the syllabus faster and better.

Some of the dedicated programs offered by the top Institutions include:

  1. Year-round enrolment opportunities: Enrol for the courses anytime throughout the academic period giving students the flexibility to learn as per their convenience.
  2. A multifaceted, integrated approach to learning: Offering an extensive and an all-round platform for students to engage and interact, the multifaceted form of learning comprises of highly qualified teachers backed by the weekly curriculum, online classes, and live sessions, marked assignments as well as marked mock exams.

All of these are aided by trained teachers with live classroom support. Students can track their performance through the dashboard, keep a note of the marked assignments, embed into Q/A and further, schedule consultations with educational experts to know more about the programs and make a wiser pick.

eTraverseis continiually creating virtual spaces to offer personalized as well as targeted assistance to all African students during this pandemic crisis. If you are interested in knowing how we are doing that, then get in touch with our experts to understand student-centeredacademic packages at ease.

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