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Features In Institute Management System

Must-Have Features In Your Institute Management System

Where does the change come from? From planning to exact execution of the plan. If we want to change the educational system, then in 2021 we have to be sure about the management system that cures headaches and helps institute out from the rational systems.  

We’re looking forward to talking about the features that must have included for the next-gen Institute Management System. By doing surveys of Institutes, we have collected the problems from them, and then for the solution, below features will help them out. Here, let’s see the must-have required features in the Institute Management System.

1. Admission Process

If you are using online learning software then learners should enroll online. Digital Learning or IMS requires that the admission process should be online through respective institute management software. 

Institute stands out physically, so why does it need an online admission process in IMS? Learning is on digital screens now, so why institutes are bothered to get manual applications and check. All these manual admission processes are directly eliminated if IMS facilitates an online admission feature. 

2. Student Data Management System

In such online working days, if someone gives you a hardcopy of the register and says that you have to keep records of the students by using this register. Would it be comfortable to make a directory like this? Here, a feature related to the Student Data Management System comes into the picture. 

The features of keeping records of the student in the Institute Management System gives you far better relaxation from manual tracking. This feature can access the directory also. In the directory, every student can keep their records. Every detail reflects on a directory or what say Student Data Management System. 

3. Online Inquiry System

To eliminate the manual tracking and keep maintain inquiry records for further prospects online inquiry system is a must in the institute management system. Admin Panel of the software or IMS looks after the Inquiry. If anyone contacts the Institute regarding admission, then from inquiring to making a lead Admin is required. 

The benefit of having an online inquiry system is the admin of the IMS doesn’t need to bother about the manual entering the details of the calling. The system automatically keeps records, and the admin can manually contact them.  

4. Take Library Online

It’s been tough keeping records of the Issue and Return of the book on Register. If IMS gives the online library management system then librarians take off their burdens from maintaining the register. 

Many usabilities take place in this feature like all library resources stored at a single place, simplification on Issue and Return books, Library Membership Management, Fine Collections, etc. 

5. Easy with inventory

Does Inventory Management System Require in IMS? Yes, why not, maintaining the Inventory in School is not an easy job. It requires lots of responsibilities from ordering things to maintain the stocks or items or anything that would say related to inventory. 

Keeping a record of the purchase order, stock management, and Item Management, etc. goes online then the Inventory Management System feature will be handy while maintaining the inventory of school or any educational institutes.

6. Preparing for Hostels

Most of the renowned Institutes have their hostel inside campus. If Schools or Colleges got Hostel Management System in Institute Management System then managing hostel students will be held easily by the Institution Side. 

If you want to choose IMS, then make sure that IMS gives you an important feature under the Hostel Management is Student Allocation, Live Monitoring of Students, Visiting with Parent Allocation, Rules, and Regulations, etc. 

7. Courses Making

Sometimes a rigid educational system gives some relief to choose courses, but when it comes to giving the best use of course content, institutes are scratching their heads. 

Then you have to go for such IMS which allows creating the courses. Also, it gives the facilities to maintain the teachers tracking, Tracking Syllabus, and Course of the Subject, Updates while completing the syllabus. If IMS gives you such facilities in its software then lots of manual tasks will be eliminated.

8. Exam and report 

Whether it is online or offline learning, to take an exam and generate the report is a necessary process in the system. Exam Alerts can be made in the system, Notification Center, When the exam will complete the result will be generated from the IMS. 

Just think about this feature in IMS. Students can download it online and then they can access it offline. 

9. Assessment Making 

On the Digital Learning Platform, we cannot put the describable questions. We need to keep it short. For that, Quizzes are the best option. We can take assessment tests by putting Multiple Choice Questions, Pictorial Answer Choices, Time Limited Questions, and Adaptive Questions. 

IMS should give these integration features in its System. You can give puzzles and quizzes by integrating the module. 

10. Classwork and Homework Tracking

As an Institute, if they serve online learning then it isn’t easy to maintain the Classwork and Homework. It will be tough but the process of maintaining such a thing needs a well-organized path. Both of these things have a thin line between them. From the Teacher’s side and Student’s Side needs awareness about the process of tracking. 

IMS with the online tracking of Classwork and Homework then it will give lots of relaxation from tedious homework tracking.

Are you looking for such an Institute Management System? We’d discussed the likely features that must have in IMS. If these features are there in IMS then close your eyes and purchase them. If these entire things can we do online then who doesn’t want it. So, eTraverse IMS offers you such a System.

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