Groundbreaking Research on E-Learning in South Africa to Be Presented at International Conference

Research paper selected by IRES 801st International Conference on E-Learning, E-Business, and E-Education

The International Conference on E-Learning, E-Business, and E-Education was organized in Johannesburg in March 2020, bringing together scholars, researchers, industry experts, and policymakers worldwide. Shikha Gupta’s presentation was highlighted at the event and offered fresh perspectives and evidence-based insights into the evolving e-learning landscape.

The International Conference on E-Learning, E-Business, and E-Education has selected a pioneering research paper for presentation at its upcoming event in March 2020. Authored by esteemed researcher Shikha Gupta, the paper delves into the impact of digital technology on education in South Africa, promising insights that could shape the future of e-learning initiatives in the region.

The paper titled “Impact of Digital Technology on Education in South Africa” has garnered significant attention for its comprehensive analysis and evidence-based findings. It was selected by the International Research Conference Committee from a pool of submissions, highlighting its relevance and contribution to the field.

E-learning has emerged as a transformative force in education, particularly in regions facing unique challenges such as access to quality education. South Africa, with its diverse landscape and socio-economic disparities, presents a compelling case study for understanding the effectiveness of digital technology in enhancing educational outcomes.

Shikha Gupta, the paper’s lead author, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this research endeavor. With a background in education and technology, she has meticulously examined the intersection of digital innovation and educational practices, offering valuable insights for policymakers, educators, and stakeholders.

The presentation of this research paper at the International Conference on E-Learning, E-Business, and E-Education in Johannesburg signifies a milestone moment in the academic discourse surrounding e-learning effectiveness. Attendees can expect to gain valuable knowledge and actionable strategies for harnessing the potential of digital technology to drive educational advancement in South Africa and beyond.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to present our findings at such a prestigious international conference,” says Shikha Gupta. “My research underscores the transformative power of e-learning in addressing educational challenges and fostering inclusive learning environments. I look forward to engaging with fellow researchers and practitioners to further explore ways to leverage digital technology for educational development.”

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