Tech Trailblazer Shikha Gupta Shares Inspiring Journey on “Choosing Leadership with Sumit Gupta” Podcast

Shikha Gupta, the visionary founder of eTraverse and its subsidiary eTraverse Pty Ltd, South Africa, recently captivated audiences with her remarkable journey on the “Choosing Leadership with Sumit Gupta” podcast. Hosted by leadership coach Sumit Gupta, the podcast episode delved into Shikha’s trailblazing career in digital transformation and her commitment to fostering technological innovation in Western markets and the African continent.

Shikha’s passion for technology ignited during her engineering studies in computer science, culminating in her decision to embark on a career as a software developer. However, her entrepreneurial spirit soon led her to question why companies needed to tap into the vast potential of the African market. This curiosity drove her decision to establish eTraverse, making her the first engineer and woman in her family to own and operate a business.

During the interview, Shikha reflected on her journey from working in multiple corporate settings to launching her ventures across two continents. She highlighted the importance of empathy as a critical leadership skill and emphasized her commitment to creating inclusive spaces where all voices are heard.

Shikha’s dedication to bridging the gap between high-tech innovation in the Western world and the pressing needs of the African continent has garnered recognition, with eTraverse recently being shortlisted by the prestigious New Chip Accelerator in Texas, USA. This accolade underscores Gupta’s mission to effect meaningful change and drive impactful growth in diverse global markets.

Looking ahead, She envisions a future where fear is conquered and opportunities abound for those willing to take the first step. With aspirations akin to reaching the moon, she remains steadfast in empowering others and cultivating an environment of boundless potential.

In closing, Shikha shared sage advice for aspiring leaders, urging them to overcome their fears and seize the countless opportunities awaiting them on their journey to success.

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