Transforming Data Management: A Kotlin-Powered Solution for Enhanced Business Efficiency

  • Project: Askana

  • Industry: Hospitality

  • Service Offered: App Development

  • Region: Germany

About The Client

Askana is a communication solution provider company based in Germany.

Their product: Askana is an android app that helps the organization manage their data for the in-house team. The app supports multilingual signatures (English and German), reads JSON files, and users can extract data from the file in specific images/data.

Business Needs

Askana wanted to revolutionize its data management processes through digital transformation, necessitating the development of an in-house Android application with multilingual support for English and German. The application needed to proficiently handle data by reading JSON files and extracting information from images and data within them. Additionally, seamless integration with email was essential, allowing users to send images, signatures, and JSON configurations while ensuring precise formatting for data integrity. 

The Client also wanted dynamic interface customization based on JSON configurations to adapt the application’s interface to users’ preferences.

Our Solutions

Focusing on Kotlin app development, eTraverse dedicated Android app development team effectively addresses the Clients’ business needs, providing a cutting-edge solution that elevates user experience and functionality in their data handling processes.

  • Multilingual Signature Support: Leveraging Kotlin app development, eTraverse Android app development team ensured seamless integration, allowing users to personalize their data in either English or German based on their needs.
  • JSON File Handling: Through Kotlin’s versatility, we developed a robust mechanism to parse and interpret JSON data effectively within the application. This ensured a smooth and error-free handling of JSON configurations.
  • Extract JSON from zip Files: Our team employed Kotlin app development and implemented a feature allowing users to extract relevant information from files effortlessly. This enhanced functionality streamlined business operations, offering increased efficiency in data extraction.
  • Responsive and Flexible UI: We designed an interface that dynamically adapted to diverse user preferences. This improved user engagement and provided a personalized experience aligned with the client’s vision.
  • Email Integration for Image and Signature Sending: We have developed a forward-thinking features app, enabling users to send images and signatures attached with JSON configurations directly via email.
  • Frontend: React
  • Backend: Laravel
  • Version Control: Git

Value Delivered

eTraverse built Askana, the Kotlin-based app that met and exceeded the Client’s expectations, offering seamless handling of complex data structures. 

Here are some key highlights of the project:

  • The team successfully implemented a dynamic UI that adapted to JSON configurations, allowing users to personalize their experience within the app.
  • Multiple signatures support was seamlessly integrated, allowing users to have distinct signatures for different interactions.
  • The extraction of JSON from a zip file was achieved through meticulous file handling and processing, ensuring the smooth import of configurations.
  • Email integration with the capability to send images, signatures, and JSON configurations was implemented, enhancing communication within the app.
  • The challenge of sending JSON emails with the correct format was addressed through thorough data handling, ensuring that configurations were transmitted accurately.
  • Our Kotlin app development team has developed the Askana app by eliminating the need for a backend.


By leveraging the Kotlin programming language, eTraverse has successfully delivered “Askana” an android mobile app that redefines the user experience for their in-house team. The implementation of multilingual signature support, efficient JSON file handling, streamlined data extraction from Zip files, and a responsive UI design demonstrates the commitment to meeting the client’s business needs and modernizing data management processes.

Askana stands as a testament to eTraverse’s proficiency in Kotlin and the ability to meet and exceed the client’s expectations in the dynamic world of mobile app development.

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